Kercher murder suspect misdiagnosed as HIV+ during incarceration

Can stress and incarceration make you test HIV+? Amanda Knox who is being retried for the murder of Meredith Kercher claims that misdiagnosis happened.

It makes you wonder if rampant HIV infection in prison is less about ‘dropping the soap in the shower’ – which undoubtedly would be less of an issue in a female-only jail – and more about the physical and mental effects of being locked up, intertwined with any feelings of guilt or injustice.


Less than 3 ‘infected’ with HIV by Oklahoma dentist

You have probably heard about the case of the Oklahoma dentist whose lax sterilisation methods prompted an investigation as to whether anyone was infected from rusty tools.

Despite wide alarm about HIV risk, only less than 3 of 60 patients were found to be HIV+. The Daily Mail article with the headline “60 dental patients test positive for Hepatitis or HIV after dentist ‘reused needles and operated with rusty tools”’ – indicating as if there could be an even split of hepatitis and HIV infection – says:

“The department notes the possibility that some that test positive may not be related to the dental procedures at the Harrington practice.”

At less than 3 infections because “The exact number of those testing positive for HIV is not being disclosed due to a Data Security Policy against reporting numbers less than three, according to the department”, we could assume that there is only one and that that is likely a false-positive that may be related to some other medical issue.

“Health officials say a patient of Harrington’s with no known risk factors first tested positive for both hepatitis C and HIV after a visit to his practice earlier this year.”

I’m not defending Harrington, but I don’t see how he could ever transmit HIV from his equipment when it is known to die quickly when exposed to air.

HIV+ man apparently without AIDS gives AIDS immediately to infected partner

“It is also alleged Zaburoni never disclosed his HIV status despite his girlfriend falling seriously ill on two occasions during the relationship.” 9 News, Australia.

I assume that Zaburoni does not have AIDS since one of its defining illnesses would surely put a damper on amorousness, and it would explain why his girlfriend asked about his HIV status since it was not evident.

As HIV is said to have a latent period of a number of years even without medication, most presumably demonstrated by Zaburoni’s apparent fitness, it is strange that his girlfriend would fall seriously ill twice during the relationship. This was a very fast progression.
No mention was made of Zaburoni getting ill, and I’m confident that this would’ve been seized upon by the media were it the case.

18 April update: Zaburoni’s ex-partner (on ART) gave birth to a HIV- son. So did Christine Maggiore without ART. Zaburoni’s ex-partner has also been told not to breastfeed, yet exclusive breastfeeding lowers HIV infection risk

Thatcher and the crystallisation of HIV/AIDS theory

Following the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher there has no been lack of jubilation from the left-wing. However, the one matter that seems to earn bipartisan praise is her government’s action on HIV/AIDS.  The Century Foundation encapsulates this in a recent article.

” the influential UK Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs assert[ed] in 1988 that ‘the spread of HIV is a greater danger to individual and public health than drug misuse…accordingly, services that aim to minimize HIV risk behaviour by all available means should take precedence in development plans.'”

In hindsight, HIV ‘infection’ has remained largely confined to the same risk groups in the UK – gay men and drug users; a subset of the former likely being part of the latter because of obstacles in social inclusivity. And because of persistent risk in such groups, we can assume that the war on HIV was – and is – a failure. Claiming a win on no heterosexual epidemic is an empty accolade under the Rethinking viewpoint, because we agree that it couldn’t ever happen.

The lost President Reagan comment, I think, will turn out to be one of history’s worst deletions:

“As far as our best scientists have been able to determine, AIDS…is not spread through casual or routine contact.”