Gay marriage could reduce AIDS regardless of HIV

In a Telegraph article titled ‘How gay marriage could reduce HIV and suicide’ I want to highlight the following paragraphs:

“There’s… a lot of evidence that people who are married are… healthier and happier… [and] less likely to engage in high-risk behaviour. Married couples are more likely to stay faithful and to stay together longer as the social value of marriage acts as a “commitment device”.”

“Mental and sexual health problems, high risk behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse continue to be particular issues for gay men in particular.”

“Three per cent of gay men and 5 per cent of bisexual men have attempted suicide, compared to 0.4 per cent of all men. HIV rates have also been on the rise amongst gay men, with 3,100 gay and bisexual men being diagnosed with HIV in 2010 (the highest figure to date). In that year, gay men accounted for 45 per cent of new HIV diagnoses.”

“A traditional conservative view would suggest that extending the institution of marriage could help tackle these issues. As marriage acts as a “commitment device”, encouraging fidelity and discouraging high-risk behaviour, the social incentives of marriage could only be beneficial to gay people. By making clear that gay people are fully equal members of society, equal marriage could also help to reduce the level of alienation felt by some young gay people.”

“David Cameron should be proud to be leading a Government that is introducing this legislation. His stance over equal marriage has been a deeply principled one, which will strengthen marriage and make society fairer.”

I do applaud Cameron, for he did what Thatcher should have done: Instead of endorsing militancy on a virus that may not exist and is certainly not pathogenic, social inclusivity will prove a powerful draw away from itself-immunosuppressive drug use and itself-immunosuppressive cumulative health threats from extant STDs. In other words, health is guaranteed from mending hearts, not the pillaging of the immune system.


Substance abuse heightens HIV risk in gay men

Aidsmap reports that “Gay and other MSM [men who have sex with men] are the group most affected by HIV in the US. Many gay men use recreational drugs, often during sex, and previous research has shown a relationship between consumption of drugs or alcohol and increased HIV risk.”

Is it then not reasonable to assume that the substance abuse rather than the subsequent sexual activity is the more pertinent factor leading to HIV positivity? And if that is the case, it can be argued that the drugs rather than HIV infection are detrimental to the immune system.

Western gay men’s draw to drug abuse likely stems from an imbibed hedonistic culture that arose from social exclusion; though gay liberation emancipated homosexual men, it was a revolution trapped in barbed wire because of a muted handshake from conservative heterosexuals.
In the East, homosexuality is largely hidden and ignored, thus you can’t face prejudice for something you hide, and overarching cultural norms also buffer against substance abuse. Thus, no rampant HIV/AIDS epidemic in Muslim countries.

Majority heterosexual infection in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Citizen reports that 1 in 352 MK residents are infected with HIV and the vast majority of those cases (70%) are in heterosexual black African immigrants; often clean on entry but allegedly becoming promiscuous in Britain. Not even a suggestion that they might be using ‘dirty needles’?

No mention that black people disproportionally test positive because of a possible racial sensitivity in the tests, or the fact that Milton Keynes is a failed ‘new’ town whose inhabitants often end up depressed, possibly also enticing them to drink and drug abuse.

I thought that HIV/AIDS was largely a ‘gay plague’ in the West, so what’s going on in this town?