Two new cured?

The Independent reports that: “Two men infected with HIV for many years have been able to stop taking anti-viral drugs following bone-marrow transplants without any detectable Aids virus in their bodies, scientists have announced.”

Sounds like something that would clog dissidents megaphones, perhaps? …

“A range of highly sensitive tests have failed to detect HIV in either man, suggesting that the transplanted immune systems of the patients may have been able to clear the viral “reservoir” of HIV from their bodies.”

Or perhaps the problem was that something was wrong with their immune systems that led to HIV-positivity? i.e. fixing the immune system cleared whatever HIV appears to be.

At the same time, let’s see what happens. What if they at a later date develop an AIDS-defining illness while HIV-? Most likely it’ll be called by its name and not AIDS; maybe a complication of the procedure.

The madness, possibly, ever ends.

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