Charged with ‘possibly’ spreading HIV

“Police in the Polish coastal town of Gdynia have charged an HIV-positive prostitute with infecting possibly hundreds of clients with the virus.

…Investigators said the woman has admitted having sex with clients in the full  knowledge she risked infecting them with HIV. If found guilty, she faces three  years behind bars.

…Police are now trying to establish just how many men might be at risk but said  it could even be “hundreds” given that the woman, who has not been named for  legal reasons, plied her trade in Gdynia, the neighbouring city of Gdansk and  the popular holiday resort of Sopot from 2006 onwards.

…The case came to light after a client infected with HIV came forward and  contacted the police, but the motive behind the alleged crime remains secret.”

Sure, the woman should have revealed that she was HIV+ so that clients had an option to decline intercourse or continue with a condom. However, given flaws in HIV theory, we could argue that her thus-far one infected client is co-incidentally HIV+ (I.e. nothing to do with her), and if we find much less than “hundreds” of infected people, – which after the previously blogged Oklahoma debacle is highly possible – given that HIV is said to be highly infectious, surely the most you could charge her with is failure to disclose a marker? A marker that would apply to people who in the future would be vaccinated from HIV – if HIV causes AIDS and it is possible to vaccinate from.

[Source: The Telegraph]


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