Bitten by the bug?

When PC Moffat got into the vehicle ahead of McNeilly, he felt a sharp pain on the top of his head when he was bitten.

He is to be tested in October to determine if he has the disease [HIV/AIDS] and carries the burden of not knowing how it will affect him.

…McNeilly was taken to Helen Street Police Office and told staff he was HIV positive.

Constable Moffat was later treated at the Infectious Disease Department at Gartnavel.

Even under the orthodox viewpoint this is absurd. Viruses cannot be transferred by teeth, and not only would you need to be sure of bleeding gums for blood mixture, the findings that oxygen kills ‘HIV’ and minute quantities are not enough invalidates the need for testing. If Moffat is being treated with a preventative, we may be seeing a re-tread of the McNack case.

*This blogger’s comment on the linked article below has not been approved.

[Source: Glasgow Evening Times]


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