When you don’t know you’re ill

The UK Department of Health has released an infographic. Let’s break this down shall we?

  • 25,000 (1/4) people in the UK don’t know they have HIV. If this figure is true, are these all ticking time-bomb recent infections, or is there a contingent that has been HIV+ for many years with little or no chance of falling will with an AIDS-defining condition?
  • There is a 1 in 5 million chance of getting HIV from medical staff (dentists, surgeons) who will now be allowed to work as long as their ‘viral load’ is controlled. I think this is a bit conservative. There is likely zero risk of infection on the basis of dissident viewpoints, and even under orthodoxy we haven’t seen, for example, any statistically significant incidence of HIV infection from needle-stick injuries; even when from un-medicated patients.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment is vital… But is that applicable to any of the figurative 25,000 who may have been HIV+ for many decades and will likely continue to live in ignorance?
  • During 2011 half of new cases were diagnosed late… They were diagnosed with a disease branded AIDS-defining because it appeared with a HIV+ status. Did the disease and other health threats cause HIV positivity, rather than the other way round?




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