Another vax to bite the dust?

Scientists from Brazil have declared that later this year, they will be performing tests on rhesus monkeys with HIVBr18, a new vaccination for HIV, according to a medical report from Edge.

…Rhesus monkeys, who are prone to the contraction of SIV, or Simian Immunology Virus, are thought to be instrumental in the crossover of infection from simian to human, the process of which, it has been documented, led to HIV in humans.

So why isn’t there an AIDS epidemic amongst rhesus monkeys who don’t practise safe sex? Back to the drawing board guys. In fact, please, scrap the drawing board for a fresh one.

…The vaccine itself is not able to completely rid the body of the virus, although it is expected to prevent transmission between an HIV-positive person and an HIV-negative person, which in itself, suggests massive break-though. 

How is this a massive breakthrough when this happens anyway? Christine Maggiore? Paul Michael Glaser etc.

…The virus itself has been known to hide deep within the patient’s DNA, rendering itself invisible to the immune system and therefore to drugs and in so doing, it becomes part of the person’s genetic code.

If it’s deep within a patient’s DNA, perhaps it originates from there? If it is there!


[Source: Las Vegas Guardian Express]


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