Seth highlights on Tommy

Seth Kalichman’s Denying AIDS blog has a recent post on the rapidly declining health of boxer Tommy Morrison. Kalichman has bolded some paragraphs to support his case; I’m going to bold those which don’t. The dispute is not over Morrison dying of an AIDS-defining illness, but whether HIV is involved.

Morrison’s health issues began more than a year and a half ago, when a doctor left a 12-foot piece of surgical gauze in his chest for eight days. She declines to name the hospital or doctor, only that it happened in Tennessee. Things got worse, she says, when he contracted Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an ailment in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system.

GBS is known to cause muscle wasting, thus giving the appearance of a typical AIDS patient. Being an autoimmune disease it is likely to flag as HIV.

His life before that was a decadent stream of parties, limos and sex that would’ve made Keith Richards blush. His life after that appeared lonely. He once lent/gave large sums of money to his entourage, a group that shared copious amounts of booze and women with him as he prowled the bars of Westport in Kansas City.

Drug and alcohol abuse. Though a number of people can reverse their health threats from abstaining, in some cases a lot of damage is already done. When money is no concern you can do quite a lot of damage.

Trisha [his wife] adds that she’s had unprotected sex with Morrison.

Is Trisha Morrison HIV+? That’s the billion-dollar question. If HIV- she’ll be painted as lucky, lying about condom use, or not even sleeping with him at all. But that’s not consistent with a woman who has a firm opinion on AIDS and shows her devotion by being at his bedside.

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