The power of belief

If you search today’s news for the keyword ‘HIV’ you’ll find other articles about this story also using correct words in the headline such as ‘believe’ and ‘may’. Let me walk you through some valid doubt in one of them.

  • Watson met Assumang in 2007 and had a relationship for 18mths
  • In 2010 police told Watson to take a HIV test as there was evidence that Assumang was HIV+; it’s been roughly 3yrs at this point since Watson first met Assumang
  • Watson tests +

‘When the viral load test came back it also told me I had just six to nine months to live.’ [said Watson]

Ms Watson had however lived with the virus for three years without knowing and needed urgent treatment.

Luckily swift intervention after her shock diagnosis has managed to keep her alive.

Hold on, she had the virus for three years, and despite not suffering, needed urgent treatment, and despite being apparently well had only six to nine months to live because of the results of a highly-sensitive viral load test?

How are they sure that intervention is keeping her alive when she’s been seemingly well (i.e. there was no report of physical manifestation of illness) for 3yrs already? How are they even sure that Watson ‘caught’ ‘HIV’ from Assumang? How are they even sure that Watson wasn’t + before meeting Assumang, for many years?

All of this calls for belief.

[Source: Daily Mail]


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