Hunger to live

Thousands of people with HIV have been left struggling in poverty by the Government’s welfare reforms – with some unable to afford the basic food they need to fight their condition.

…Explaining the medical importance of food to HIV patients, Dr Asboe said: “We know that, in general, if people have poor nutrition, that has a detrimental effect on their immune system. HIV suppresses the immune system, so nutritional problems can exacerbate the effects of it.

Poor nutrition suppresses the immune system, ‘HIV’ suppresses the immune system… In what way does a malnutrition-based immunity challenge differ from that posed by HIV?

It’s such hard work being on benefits. Sometimes I know there’s something not quite right with my body and I don’t know whether to put it down to the food I’ve been eating.

The problems might not solely be due to poverty as wealthy people can make poor food choices.

[Source: The Independent]


Debunking the debunker

19/2/2014: The original post featured a statement that Liam Scheff misrepresented the Padian paper and that this was ‘a point of embarrassment’. However, I realise that it is I who should have been embarrassed as he did interpret the paper correctly. This has now been modified below. I apologise to Mr. Scheff.

It is a rare opportunity that one has to engage with orthodoxy viewpoints, usually because they do not wish to debate with us.

One current piece of pro-orthodoxy activism consists of a series of YouTube videos by Myles Power, titled Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers. Judging that Power is competent and certainly has a good flair of design to capture audiences, I decided to have a look at his videos and found familiar disappointment.

The first problem is in the use of “denialist”, a term plastered on dissidents with no real approval. Those who follow the popular sceptical theories of Peter Duesberg and/or The Perth Group do not deny the illnesses defined as AIDS. They deny either the existence or the capability of HIV to cause those illnesses, hence ‘HIV scepticism’ is a more accurate term.

In the first 5 minutes of the first video, Power mocks Brent Leung’s choice of locations to deliver narrations, and this is preceded by Power self-applauding his choice of a graveyard as an introductory location for his film. Not only is this a detraction from the subject and a subtle way of having a dig at Leung’s film-making abilities, it is actually bizarre. Leung’s use of neutral locations or labs is not something the engrossed viewer will pay too much attention to. If I’m allowed to be pedantic, Power also mispronounces Christine Maggiore’s surname (Ma-joor-eh) as Mag-yoor. I would forgive this if someone wasn’t so cock-sure. Another cock-up that could’ve been remedied by editing is the grammatical error in video 1 in that “they don’t believe it doesn’t cause AIDS”, when in fact ‘we do believe that it doesn’t cause AIDS’

Power states that Maggiore’s insistence on breastfeeding her children was negligent given studies that show that breast milk can transmit HIV. However, the WHO now adopts a dissident position from new studies that show that breast milk can in fact prevent HIV transmission. Especially, bizarrely, if the breast milk is exclusive, i.e. without alternating with formula milk. So, are the WHO wrong now or before? Power also ignores the fact that her partner Robin Scovill appears to be HIV-negative (certainly he is in good health) and another child is negative too.

The “F*ck you guys” that Power directs at rock band The Foo Fighters for having supported Alive & Well might better have been internally directed at the AIDS orthodoxy.

The multiple DMCAs filed against Power (and wavered for those showing the original film as is because of the choice of the film-maker and participants) are also legitimate on the grounds that he uses vast segments of film, which anyone knows requires permission. In a printed book only short paragraphs for critical purposes are allowed without asking; else journalists could be giving away pretty much the whole work with the critical piece they produced. If Power wrote about the film or indeed used little or none of the original footage, perhaps even just referencing scenes of the film, he would not have to worry about being ‘silenced.’ (a feeling more familiar to dissenters!) This is an issue of asserted copyright, not free speech. Another example: an album of an artist remixed and put on-sale without permission may cause the artist more grievance than straight piracy because it represents their work in a light that they are legally allowed to object to (same as in altered book binding); this also applies to any interviewee who has dispute with the editing in HoN (and there are no legal disputes that I’m aware of). But it is regrettable if some attack Power personally rather than his films, and his picking out of Maggiore’s test date discrepancies is interesting, if unimportant in the broader picture. For example, copies of all voiced results may not have been available and were purely zoomed in on result types for dramatic effect rather than accuracy; indeed, how can anyone verify any document in a film that is not publicly available? Instead of the allegation of cropping on one line of records, the film-makers and participants could’ve gone so far as buying a second-hand typewriter and brown paper to make records that match Christine’s words exactly. Maggiore is not alive to defend herself, and better sleuthing would be to find out where Maggiore had been tested and to see if her statements match. Even if, for argument purposes, the results are still not available, the fact that she died from an acute illness(es) rather than a long drawn-out one, typical of AIDS, is a dissident point in itself.

Liam Scheff’s reporting of zero transmission in the Padian paper remains correct despite Power’s assertion. Padian also still concedes that – believing HIV exists, whether or not it is pathogenic – HIV is very hard to transmit, which is contrary to the messages from campaigns that warn of the dangers of minute quantities of blood mixing from needle-stick injuries.

The remainder of the videos to date are merely interested in smear and ridicule (for example, the childish making fun of names, in fact even making fun of qualifications while, without irony, seeking validation about HIV tests from an end-of-life carer turned tester). No attempt is made to ponder if positive tests ever equate to active infection, if HIV exists and is pathogenic; or why indeed HIV/AIDS remains predominantly a black and MSM problem when other STDs are not. The big question of how HIV even causes AIDS is ignored, as well any distinction in views between Peter Duesberg and The Perth Group (Power seems to assume that dissidence is a totally united movement).

If any more videos appear, I will not waste my time on them. These are Ben Goldacre-lite musings. Power, like Goldacre, may indeed be right about so much else, but they cannot face the fact that HIV theory has significant fatal holes, and appearing pompous does not cover them.

Sign this Russian petition


We, the undersigned, are writing to you with the requirement to consider our legitimate demands, given to us by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and to take action to stop the genocide of the population of our homeland, masked as non-existent AIDS epidemic.

The whole theory of HIV / AIDS is based on studies conducted in 1983-1984, which resulted in the discovery of new retroviruses HTLV-III (T-lymphotropic virus type third) and LAV (virus associated with lymphadenopathy), then artificially combined and renamed in HIV (HIV), which was later considered as the cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The acronym AIDS (AIDS) was put into circulation by scientists at an international conference in July 1982 as a term defining human immunodeficiency sindrom.

In 1987 the WHO Global Programme on AIDS was established and rogue scientists, government officials and businessmen with the help of the media has started the campaign of AIDS epidemic – calling it “Plague of the XX century.”

Cowing the population of the world by epidemic of a new deadly diseases, a group of people interested in the guise of a fake fight, started removing huge financial profits, they started persecuting people with «AZT» (Zidovudine), which was invented in 1961 by Professor Richard Beltz (Richard Beltz) to fight the cancer, but was refused because of the high toxicity.

Subsequently the scheme of poisoning people allegedly infected with HIV, has been supplemented with new types of chemicals and were called antiretroviral therapy. But, oddly enough, the doctors and scientists had known about the human Immunodeficiency long before the AIDS ERA , and it is proved that immunodeficiency occurs in the human body as a result of various factors such as the impact of the external environment conditions, as well as internal factors , including the effect of chemically active substances and in particular antiretroviral therapy.

ARVs are very dangerous poison and have a huge number of side effects!

To date, they have already spent more than $ 500 billion on AIDS FIGHT, but no one life has been saved as a result of all the combined anti-AIDS programs, the realization of which took so much money.

Neither a vaccine nor an effective cure has been found and neither was there any independent studies conducted to confirm the HIV / AIDS theory. All research refuting this theory, they are called pseudo-scientific, and scientists who speak about the absurdity of the HIV / AIDS theory they are discriminated .

It is no secret that the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),” was adopted under pressure and under the dictation of the World Health Organization with the financial pressure of credit institutions.

What we have in reality today in Russia? Despite the huge budget allocated under the federal and regional programs for the modernization of medicine, every day we see clinics, hospitals and maternity homes closing! Sorely lacking qualified doctors and medical personnel, and for the treatment of seriously ill people have to collect money, they say, the whole world!

Scientific medical research has ceased to be independent, they are supported by the grants given by pharmaceutical companies! Grant permission for the use of drugs produced abroad, is made not on the basis of verification of their impact on the human but on the principle of “recommended by WHO”!

At the same time, we the updated AIDS centers opening with a new modern renovation and full accommodations to fight the AIDS epidemic ( according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2013 № 2555 – P) they will spent annually not less than 700,000,000 ( seven hundred million ) rubles on AIDS INDUSTRY! And it’s in a situation when real problems can not be solved because of lack of money They kill us, and we taxpayers still pay our destruction?

The Employees of AIDS industry violate many constitutional rights and federal laws regarding patient ! Pregnant women in violation of the principle of voluntary testing for HIV infection , as well as the right to refuse medical intervention are being tested for HIV , the result of which does not confirm the presence or absence of HIV infection. And without further epidemiological investigations or any clinical signs of disease THEY GET THEIR diagnosis of HIV infection , and are forced to take highly toxic antiretroviral therapy .

Annually, about three thousand patients of AIDS centers receiving this therapy, die, and all the deaths charged to AIDS, proving false official statistics of nonexistent epidemic. So according to the “Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare” in 2010 about 2787 of Russian citizens died taking antiretroviral drugs, while according to the “Federal AIDS Center” 2336 people died of AIDS in 2010,. That means that all the dead had died from ARV!

And if the relatives of the victims are trying to find out the truth about the causes of death by law enforcement agencies, employees of AIDS centers destroy documents, falsifying facts in medical records, including corruption schemes to bribe law enforcement officers,

Doctors prefer to deliver a fatal diagnosis of HIV infection, rather than the diagnosis and treatment of real diseases.

Proceeding from the above, under the current legislation, we require:

1. To Cancel, repealed the law of the Russian Federation dated March 30, 1995 № 38 – FZ “On the Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)” due to the absence of infectious AIDS epidemic based on coined the term HIV and illegitimacy its application in the framework of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

2. To initiate the establishment of an independent commission to study the facts refuting whether HIV is the cause of AIDS.

3. To prohibit the use of chemicals like ARV and their use as prophylaxis because of their devastating effects on the human body.

4. Prohibit testing for HIV with the existing test systems due to their unreliability. To cancel all diagnoses of HIV infection, and encourage patients to a comprehensive survey of the state health clinics and other medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

5. VOID the activity of AIDS centers acting as punitive bodies enforcing healthy population to violent poisoning with highly toxic drugs, whose job is not to preserve the health of people but the destruction of families and threatens the well-being of our society .

6. Prohibit any propaganda on HIV / AIDS epidemic in the media.

Best regards. Dr Irina Sazonova

Barre-Sinoussi believes that a cure for HIV is still possible

The scientist who helped discover the HIV retrovirus talks about her work and why she is convinced a cure for Aids can be found.

…Since 1992 she has led her own unit at Pasteur, which is currently studying examples of naturally occurring immunity to HIV infection and resistance to the onset of Aids that might provide clues on how to design a vaccine or cure. One current study tracks a cohort of so called “elite controllers”, rare people who although HIV-positive don’t develop Aids, and “post-treatment controllers” who after early treatment resist progression without drugs. The group is also about to start working with drug users in Vietnam who remain uninfected despite having been exposed to HIV.

Barré-Sinoussi is convinced a functional cure, which would prevent people with HIV having to take cocktails of antiretroviral drugs for the rest of their lives, is achievable. “It exists naturally so we scientists should be able to induce it,” she says. A total cure or vaccine for HIV are tougher challenges, she says, but ruling them out would be “not French”.

One would think that the existence of more-than-rare elite controllers (benign HIV-positivity), post-treatment controllers (HIV-positivity that signalled a short-term health threat) and the exposure resistant (HIV is not infectious, or is not the core problem) would make Barre-Sinoussi question the edifice she helped to build.

If a functional cure for HIV “exists naturally”, then is she not nodding to an answer within the realm of quackery?

[Source: The Guardian]