Trailer for new Aids documentary film ‘Positive Hell’

Positive Hell is the story of five individuals who have defied their doctors and lived on for nearly thirty years with a diagnosis of death. The film highlights a network of people diagnosed HIV-positive in the province of Galicia in Northern Spain.


8 thoughts on “Trailer for new Aids documentary film ‘Positive Hell’

  1. I am 71 years old. I have not used any allopathic or non-allopathic drugs to treat myself for any disease in the last 46 years. I have even been able to control the symptoms of AIDS, whenever they have occurred in me during the last 33 years, only by using suitable combinations og vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.
    Can the medical scientists believe in what I have stated? They should read the articles on my websites to understand what I mean by my claims.
    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

    • Hi Ashok,

      Thank you for commenting and glad you’re doing well. Hopefully your links will be of interest to others.
      ‘Aids’ is such a broad thing that it’s not surprising that for some people it’s very easy to avert by simple measures.



      • Hello Mo,
        You are absolutely right in propagathing the belief that AIDS is of multi-factorial origin. Actually AIDS is not a single disease or even a single type of syndrome.
        Probably there are 8 to 10 types of AIDS, which produce many different types of symptoms in different patients. All those different symptoms cannot be produced by any particular virus like so-called HIV.
        I have personal experience of 2 types of AIDS from which I suffered on different occasions, which were separated by long periods of time. The symptoms produced by the 2 types of AIDS were completely different. The most important fact is that I have managed to survive till my present age of more than 71 years. I hope to live some more years in reasonably good health.
        With best wishes to you,
        Ashok T Jaisinghani.

  2. You described it perfectly. Poverty-induced AIDS is very different from drug-induced AIDS which is in turn different from many other immune system challenges, some of which we’re not sure about but are unlikely to be ‘HIV’.

  3. The theory that a retrovirus like the so-called HIV causes AIDS is based on total fraud. The theory is against the very basis of Allopathy and its principles. The pseudo-scientists propagating the theory that HIV causes AIDS are the worst fraudsters who are pretending to be great scientists. They are many times worse than the peddlars and smugglers of narcotic drugs.
    How can the peddlars of extremely toxic Anti-Retro-Viral drugs (ARVs) claim that the presence of antibodies in AIDS patients prove the progression and worseniing of the “disease”, which is actually a syndrome that cannot be caused by any single type of virus. It can never be caused by any retrovirus.
    The presence of antibodies indicates the body’s response to fight the disease. How can any smart guys use the ARVs to destroy the very antibodies that are fighting the disease?
    The extremely toxic ARVs can only make the patients more sick and to die many years earlier. The promoters of the HIV theory have perverted Allopathy and made it stand on its head. They are only going to destroy Allopathy and bury it very soon.
    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

  4. The AIDS 2014 Conference that ended on 25 July in Melbourne was a massive flop. There was no announcement of any effective cure or any effective vaccine for AIDS.

    Even by using celebrities like US ex-President Bill Clinton as publicity stunts, the organisers were not able to attract more people. The number of delegates were only 12,000, which was a drastic decline from the 22,000 delegates in Vienna four years back. There has been a rapid decline in the number of supporters for the HIV causes AIDS theory.

    By acknowledging the deaths of 36 million people due to AIDS in 30 years, the medical scientists have admitted their massive failure in saving all those people who had died young. They have now declared that they MUST get 16 years MORE to find a definite cure. Only by 2030, they HOPE to eradicate the AIDS pandemic from the world.

    Actually, the HIV believers do not even know all the real causes of AIDS. So how could they have found any cure for AIDS even in 30 years?

    Millions of people have been mentally tortured with the bogus HIV tests and also chemically tortured with the administration of extremely toxic ARV drugs by ignorant pretenders.

    The AIDS dissidents have a golden chance to expose the false propaganda and empty promises of the HIV theorists. The AIDS dissidents can unitedly launch massive counter-attacks against all those who have been propagating the theory that HIV causes AIDS.

    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

    • Ashok, I’ve found it in poor taste that some HIV believers believe that the deaths of Aids researchers on their way to Melbourne has setback a cure. There was never any progress, and if there was, it would not have died with them (their work would be baton-passed to others).

      Setting an arbitrary optimistic target of 2030 with not much understanding is wishful thinking. By then the farce will be 50 yrs old.

      It’s hard to know what are the most effective activities for dissidents, but taking advantage of any failure is the best thing.

      • Hello Mo,

        You are right in believing that no cure could have been found by any AIDS researcher who died in the MH 17 plane crash. We would have got some information about any cure for AIDS if there was one discoverd by anyone on that plane.
        Best wishes,

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