Coming soon: Reprint of Joan Shenton’s dissident Aids book Positively False

Joan Shenton’s 1998 book Positively False is to be republished independently before year-end-2014 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its release. The new edition will be exclusive to Amazon International and will be available in paperback and for Kindle.

The original text will be bolstered with a myriad of retrospective contributions from key dissidents, plus Peter Duesberg’s withdrawn 2009 paper and an adapted script of Joan’s latest short film Positive Hell.

The book is currently in production and will feature new artwork. Producer/editor and IRF blogger, Mo Aziz says:

Positively False is being rebuilt from the ground up because original publisher I.B. Tauris no longer has the original manuscript files to create the book from, and the manuscript which Joan had was unedited, unformatted, unindexed and lacked in-file footnotes, and the new content needed shaping too.  …But most of it is now complete and it should be out before we have to really to call it a 16th anniversary edition.”

A dedicated website and more information will be available shortly.


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