ARVs do more than ‘fight’ HIV, here’s some proof

…If they’re seemingly effective in treating Ebola, can we be confident that any benefit of ARVs in the HIV+ is linked to fighting HIV? Read this The Independent article.

“Ebola is a brainchild of HIV,” said [Dr Logan]. “It’s a destructive strain of HIV.”


What really averts AIDS, living “like a nun” or indiscriminate use of ARVs?

Holly Johnson (of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame, responsible for 80s hits such as Relax) has been HIV+ since 1991 and is on ARVs which be believes contribute to his survival.

The fact that he now lives “like a nun” (Johnson, notably gay, was suffering ill health likely as a culmination of drug misuse) unfortunately does not register to Johnson as a crucial part to his well-being. Indeed, the type 2 diabetes which is a likely consequence of his medication, seems to be accepted as a wholly valid sacrifice to tame ‘HIV’.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood could be seen as one of the bands that soundtracked the rising Western gay liberation movement. Their music alluded to a freedom and hedonism beyond their heterosexual contemporaries.

Screening of Positive Hell documentary in Marbella, October 5

Venue: Palace The Congress, Marbella.

Screen one:


Group F:

D1. Original title: Positive hell
Title in English: Positive hell
Country of production: UK
Director: Andi Reiss
Language: English
Running time: 30 mins


For more information on Positive Hell, see here.

New dedicated HIV journal by The Lancet starts with superfluous headline

The Lancet HIV: High rates of recreational drug use among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in the UK strongly linked with condomless sex” …How about removing the last 5 words of the headline to hit the nail on the head?

“The Lancet HIV is a new journal launched in September 2014 and will build on The Lancet journals’ rich history of publishing HIV/AIDS research to provide a reliable foundation for advocacy and for programmatic and political change. The journal publishes research articles, linked commentary, and correspondence related to previous content. The journal accepts clinical, epidemiological, operational, and implementation research submissions, unifying these disciplines across a single vision for the health of those living with HIV. See for more details.”