Gay lobby HRC prostitutes itself to Gilead/Truvada/PrEP

In one of the most brazen developments in the greed driven HIV-AIDS Industry, America’s number one gay rights lobby, the Human Rights Campaign, (HRC) has “endorsed” Gilead’s Truvada for PrEP–toxic chemotherapy for “HIV negatives.”

To coincide with its annual self-congratulatory black tie dinner last night in Washington,  HRC announced it had received a $300,000 grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation–a major beneficiary of the largesse of Gilead Sciences. The featured speaker at the dinner was William Jefferson Clinton, whose foundation has received god know’s how much money from Gilead. And HRC’s $400,000+/year executive director and former Clinton White House press aide and native of Hope, Arkansas Chad Griffin warmly embraced his former employer at HRC’s dinner.

I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle put together yet, but the stench of Big Pharma, crony capitalist money laundering hangs in the otherwise crisp October air of these corrupt 68.3 square miles surrounded by reality in which I live, aka Washington, DC.

–Terry Michael


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