Alcoholism issues? Nah, it’s AIDS…

When sober, Paul Witbooi would not be able to talk to women. But a sip of alcohol would give him courage to propose to women. Witbooi’s predicament was so known among his community that people started calling him an “old virgin”. He found solace in alcohol, which he however abused to get involved with women.

…He went to hospital in 2009 after he developed body sores that would not heal. A blood test confirmed his positive status, and Witbooi says he accepted his situation as he couldn’t change anything.

…By sharing his story Witbooi hopes to raise awareness on the abuse of alcohol and unsafe sexual activities, which in his case were the cause of HIV. He advised people to stay away from alcohol, use condoms and be faithful all the time.

Sores that won’t heal are a classic sign of alcoholism. But if you want, you can take a HIV test and have it likely rebranded as AIDS.

[Source: New Era]


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