Biting stupidity

A HIV+ British man has been jailed for 18 months for biting a festival organiser.

Despite biting not being known as a mode of transmission (for any virus, mythical or real), the victim was given treatment against hepatitis, tetanus and, presumably, HIV. The victim is also scared of hugging his wife and children, which shows that education of AIDS from even a mainstream perspective has not penetrated deeply.

The National AIDS Trust should have emphasised that, whatever a ‘carrier’s’ ‘viral load’ is, one cannot spread HIV by biting. The only way to entertain a possibility were if the assailant had a mouth injury and if the blood from that were to enter the bite wound. But given that HIV is said to die quickly when exposed to oxygen, the mere act of breathing out should kill HIV in blood from the mouth.

Furthermore, there is an assertion that a large quantity of blood is required – famously a litre – which poo poos the idea that any blood from a mouth injury can spread HIV.


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