Vancouver mother tested ‘false-positive’

Given that ‘false-positives’ are rare I’m quite surprised by how often they make the news.

Click the source link below and you’ll see that a mother from British Columbia was told that she was HIV+ and may have passed it on to her baby via breastfeeding, as well as someone else’s baby she shared milk with. Three babies in total were unnecessarily treated with ARVs because two mothers were misdiagnosed.

BC Women’s Hospital said: “Unfortunately, false positives can occur with any test. When a positive test is received, retesting is rushed and repeated within hours…”

I’m quite surprised that the mothers were fortunately retested as this is not common practice. But had they still tested positive you still can’t be sure that that they were truly positive as HIV has never been purely isolated (Luc Montagnier’s words) and the test reacts with many health states, some benign.

[Source: Global News (Canada)]


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