Short book: The Aids Delusion

As promised, I’m pleased to announce that my HIV/AIDS primer, The Aids Delusion (I’m using British styling just as a cosmetic choice – and no prizes for guessing what other book the title alludes to) will be released for Kindle only on Amazon worldwide on March 13. For one coin you’ll get 13,000 words. After one year the eBook will be made available for free via other outlets. There will be no slain trees for such a short title.

If you are a veteran AIDS/Aids dissident, this book is most certainly not for you. I wrote it for those who could be interested in the topic but who do not either have the time or the money, or even a strong inclination, to invest in a tome, at least not as a first port of call. Sure, there are many free articles, but there is a preference for reading something modern and concise on a specific platform. I’ve also included my rejected submission to the UK’s Infected Blood Inquiry.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in an AIDS book of this type, please encourage them to buy it – or wait a year if they’re really strapped. And if you’re someone who would just be happy to throw some metal in my tin regardless, that would be much appreciated.

…Okay, you twisted my arm. It’ll be free to download from Amazon on the first day.

Pre-order links: UK | US | Canada | Australia | Mexico | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Netherlands | Japan | Brazil | India