Welcome to AIDS Dissident, a blog which aims to present and commentate on the latest articles which appear to provide confirmation for the invalidity of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis.

This blog will not outline the roots of AIDS dissidence. There are various resources for getting up to scratch on that, including – and I will promote this here only once – a chapter in my current book.

Neither will this blog suggest or endorse any treatments. The goal of this blog is much more about what doesn’t cause AIDS rather than what does. This rule may occasionally be broken but my aim is to point out questions, not answers. Expect rhetoric.

Please follow this blog and feel free to comment on and share posts.

M. Aziz

Disclosure: The blogger is not a medical professional, nor afflicted by HIV or AIDS.


One thought on “About

  1. Thank you for this website. I’ve been aware of this controversy for some 20 years, during which time the predictions of the HIV=AIDS advocates have consistently failed whilst those of the dissenters have been borne-out. What does that tell us?

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