Strangis jumps out of the frying pan into the fire

Tara C. Smith of ScienceBlogs has posted an interview with former Rethinker John Strangis.

A few points need to be made:

  • Strangis believed that HIV/AIDS was a concocted conspiracy rather than a product of compassionate incompetence, which largely is at odds with mainstream Rethinking.
  • He sees validity in Myles Power’s “debunking videos”, which have been rebuffed here.
  • Strangis was fortunate to have a child born HIV-negative which he credits to ARV treatment, but there’s many many cases of HIV-negative children being born to HIV-positive mothers without treatment. The genuine doubt response of a new father would explain wanting to believe in the mainstream.
  • 4 months after the birth of his son, his partner fell sick – so would it not be possible to entertain ARVs as being responsible? Pregnancy itself is quite a challenge to a woman’s body, so toxic medications on top of that are bound to invite sickness. But as a partner it would be comforting to now think you can really trust the mother of your children to the mainstream theory.
  • Strangis complains about being criticised by Rethinkers, but when he was a Rethinker he was criticised by the mainstream. He calls Rethinking a cult, but used to believe the mainstream view was conspiratorial. Those are both wrong.
  • Strangis seems to think that falling ill as a HIV-positive Rethinker is not possible. But the diseases termed AIDS are not disputed, only their causes. This being the case it is hard to find answers for all those who are HIV-positive and genuinely sick or are at real risk of being so. In some cases a short spell of ARVs may be advised, but their atomic bomb mechanism does not prove they fight HIV. Certainly, no one should take ARVs indefinitely.
  • He supports a law against “disseminating incorrect medical information”, which is another way of saying alternative viewpoints need to be censored; they must automatically be deemed incorrect.

Father disputes role of HIV in AIDS in New Zealand

[The father of the HIV+ son] questioned the link between HIV and Aids and believed treatment had side-effects worse than the impact of the virus.

Aids Foundation executive director Shaun Robinson told the Herald there were a mix of different reactions to an HIV diagnosis. “Quite often, people will go into denial.”

… The father told the Weekend Herald his son was a normal, healthy child who loved playing sport. He said the boy did not know he tested as HIV positive when just a few months old.

[Source: TVNZ]

Do ARVs contribute to inflammation?

The development of type 2 diabetes has been linked to systemic inflammation among HIV-positive people taking antiretrovirals (ARVs).

…They also believe their findings provide “clues” as to why people with HIV on ARVs remain at increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic illnesses.

Is not inflammation from a medicine designed to treat immunodeficiency a very embarrassing side effect?


What really averts AIDS, living “like a nun” or indiscriminate use of ARVs?

Holly Johnson (of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame, responsible for 80s hits such as Relax) has been HIV+ since 1991 and is on ARVs which be believes contribute to his survival.

The fact that he now lives “like a nun” (Johnson, notably gay, was suffering ill health likely as a culmination of drug misuse) unfortunately does not register to Johnson as a crucial part to his well-being. Indeed, the type 2 diabetes which is a likely consequence of his medication, seems to be accepted as a wholly valid sacrifice to tame ‘HIV’.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood could be seen as one of the bands that soundtracked the rising Western gay liberation movement. Their music alluded to a freedom and hedonism beyond their heterosexual contemporaries.

If you’re healthy and you know it, take your ARVs…

In an article almost suitable for a parody news site, the WHO is “urging all sexually active gay men to take antiretroviral drugs to reduce the spread of HIV.”

Clearly, condoms aren’t working (or perhaps there’s an insinuation that gay men of all colours are just as bad as Africans in safe sex?) for this to be suggested. And this suggestion is pretty much akin to asking people to take cancer chemotherapy just because they have a family history.

The admission that “men who have sex with men are 19 times more likely to have HIV than the general population. [according to WHO]” is glaringly at odds with people who emphasise a growing heterosexual epidemic.

There is not even particularly a gay plague, it has always been limited to a minority of a minority who indulge in highly-specific high-risk practices, or are brushed into the category for other health reasons.


A Jakartan man who is believed to have contracted HIV from sharing needles for heroin usage attributes his good health to antiretroviral medication, placing somewhat less emphasis on the methadone which has helped to beat his addiction.

His wife is also HIV+ from heroin via shared needles, and the couple’s three children seemed to have been conceived before treatment, and after alleged affection, yet “He added that he and his wife were fortunate because they had not passed on the infection to their three children.”

Three times lucky or twice deceived?

[Source: The Jakarta Post]