Friends in America, be in with a chance to win a paperback of Positively False – 16th Anniversary Edition

If you haven’t yet bought a copy of the second edition of Positively False (why not?!), you might be in luck if you’re a US resident.

IRF is giving away 5 copies of the paperback (with free delivery) to every lucky 7th entrant who also follows IRF’s shiny new Twitter account: @immunityorguk

To enter, just click this link (your name and address will not be shared with us as are handling the specifics), and if you’re lucky you’ll have one of the best books of 2015 through your letterbox…

The draw ends on March 3. Spread the word.


Read the updated edition of Positively False on your Kindle now

The Kindle version of the 16th Anniversary Edition of Positively False is on sale from today – search your local Amazon site. The paperback version is, unfortunately, not available in some territories (e.g. Canada), so you will have to use the next nearest site.

The launch event for the book and the UK premiere of Positive Hell is tomorrow (5 Feb) at London’s Frontline Club (13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ). [Google Street View] It is a short walk from Paddington rail/tube station, and opposite the main arch entrance of St. Mary’s Hospital (there may be a bus strike on this day, otherwise the bus stops for St. Mary’s Hospital land you almost directly at the venue).
There is still time to register for the event by contacting Joan Shenton via the contact button on this site.

The schedule for the evening is:
6:30pm: Drinks and canapés
7:00pm: Screening of Positive Hell (30 mins)
7:30pm: Panel discussion and book signing (although previously announced, DVD copies of Positive Hell will not be available to purchase but it will be available for download at a later date) [cash and card accepted]

The panel discussion will feature:
Joan Shenton – author and narrator
Dr. Christian Fiala – specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology
David Crowe – President of Rethinking AIDS
Dr Claus Koehnlein – specialist in internal medicine

Moderators are journalists Celia Farber and Neville Hodgkinson

Positively False: 16th Anniversary Edition, Kindle eBook available for pre-order now.

IRF is proud to announce that the Amazon Kindle eBook edition of Joan Shenton’s Positively False: Exposing the Myths around HIV and AIDS – 16th Anniversary Edition is now available internationally for pre-order for download on 4 February 2015 via the following links.


The book features the original 1998 text, the script of 2014 documentary Positive Hell, Peter Duesberg et al.’s withdrawn 2009 paper from Medical Hypotheses and updates and contributions from (alphabetically by surname):

Mohammed Aziz, Clark Baker, Nancy Banks, Henry H. Bauer, David Crowe, Elizabeth Ely, Celia Farber, Christian Fiala, Charles Geshekter, Roberto Giraldo, Mike Hersee, Neville Hodgkinson, Christine Johnson, Helen Lauer, John Lauritsen, Terry Michael, David Rasnick, Irina Sazonova, Liam Scheff and Manuel Garrido Sotelo.

A Kindle device is not necessary as Kindle purchases can also be read via web browser at [or your local site’s suffix, e.g.] and dedicated applications for Windows/Mac, many smartphones and tablets. Your card will not be charged by Amazon until the day of release.

The Amazon exclusive book now has a website at

If you prefer having a printed copy, a paperback edition will be released in late January 2015.

5 February 2015 will see a dual launch event for the book with the UK premiere of the 30 minute documentary Positive Hell at London’s Frontline Club in Paddington. Signed copies of the paperback and DVDs will be available and there will be a discussion moderated by and featuring veteran AIDS dissenters. See our press release for more details:

Coming soon: Reprint of Joan Shenton’s dissident Aids book Positively False

Joan Shenton’s 1998 book Positively False is to be republished independently before year-end-2014 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its release. The new edition will be exclusive to Amazon International and will be available in paperback and for Kindle.

The original text will be bolstered with a myriad of retrospective contributions from key dissidents, plus Peter Duesberg’s withdrawn 2009 paper and an adapted script of Joan’s latest short film Positive Hell.

The book is currently in production and will feature new artwork. Producer/editor and IRF blogger, Mo Aziz says:

Positively False is being rebuilt from the ground up because original publisher I.B. Tauris no longer has the original manuscript files to create the book from, and the manuscript which Joan had was unedited, unformatted, unindexed and lacked in-file footnotes, and the new content needed shaping too.  …But most of it is now complete and it should be out before we have to really to call it a 16th anniversary edition.”

A dedicated website and more information will be available shortly.