Index on Censorship case study of Positive Hell film

Well, well, well… Terrence Higgins Trust are found to be the irritants behind the local (London, UK) censorship of the film Positive Hell. Read all about it here.


Read the updated edition of Positively False on your Kindle now

The Kindle version of the 16th Anniversary Edition of Positively False is on sale from today – search your local Amazon site. The paperback version is, unfortunately, not available in some territories (e.g. Canada), so you will have to use the next nearest site.

The launch event for the book and the UK premiere of Positive Hell is tomorrow (5 Feb) at London’s Frontline Club (13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ). [Google Street View] It is a short walk from Paddington rail/tube station, and opposite the main arch entrance of St. Mary’s Hospital (there may be a bus strike on this day, otherwise the bus stops for St. Mary’s Hospital land you almost directly at the venue).
There is still time to register for the event by contacting Joan Shenton via the contact button on this site.

The schedule for the evening is:
6:30pm: Drinks and canapés
7:00pm: Screening of Positive Hell (30 mins)
7:30pm: Panel discussion and book signing (although previously announced, DVD copies of Positive Hell will not be available to purchase but it will be available for download at a later date) [cash and card accepted]

The panel discussion will feature:
Joan Shenton – author and narrator
Dr. Christian Fiala – specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology
David Crowe – President of Rethinking AIDS
Dr Claus Koehnlein – specialist in internal medicine

Moderators are journalists Celia Farber and Neville Hodgkinson

In New York, free at month-end? See Positive Hell

On 31 January – 6 days before the dual-launch event in London – Positive Hell will be screened in New York, followed by a audience discussion co-led by How Positive Are You‘s Elizabeth Ely. Joan Shenton is anticipated to join in via Skype.

Location: Center for Remembering and Sharing, 123 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor (above Think Coffee, between 12th and 13th Streets), New York, USA.
Time: 4-6pm.

This limited-seating event is invite-only. Refreshments will be available. Please email Elizabeth Ely to put your name down.

Screening of Positive Hell documentary in Marbella, October 5

Venue: Palace The Congress, Marbella.

Screen one:


Group F:

D1. Original title: Positive hell
Title in English: Positive hell
Country of production: UK
Director: Andi Reiss
Language: English
Running time: 30 mins


For more information on Positive Hell, see here.

Joan Shenton responds to cancellation of dissenting Aids film screening @ SOAS

NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT SOAS (London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies)

by Joan Shenton – Immunity Resource Foundation

Anne Sono’s film I won’t go Quietly was due to be screened at SOAS Khalili Lecture Theatre on Friday 25th April at 6 pm. The film tells the story of 6 women who were diagnosed HIV-positive and their struggle to resist antiviral medication and to continue to breastfeed on the grounds that the science behind the infectious hypothesis for HIV/AIDS is flawed and that testing positive to HIV does not mean they have been infected by a transmissible virus.

Eleonor Veness from a SOAS group called “Women for Women International” was hosting the event but the screening was cancelled at the last minute on Friday afternoon. This came as a shock to Anne, who had just flown in from Germany, and to all of the people who turned up for the screening. Many had already been put off by messages on the SOAS Students’ Union website. Ben Goldacre, science writer for the Guardian, had tweeted the following and this was repeated by the charity “Stop AIDS”.

‘Good old @SOAS, providing a venue for AIDS denialism. Well done, @SOAS RT @TAGHIVscience:’

Nobody from “Women for Women International” was willing to come and speak to Anne. A panel discussion had been planned for Q & A’s after the screening. This involved Mike Hersee of Heal London and Joan Shenton of the Immunity Resource Foundation. Joan Shenton arrived and heard the news, she asked that a representative from the Students Union and from SOAS administration come down to speak to them.

The General Manager of the Students’ Union, Peter Baron, came down to the reception area. He said,

The screening was cancelled by “Women for Women International”.

However when Anne spoke to Eleanor Veness on the telephone, Eleanor said it was the SOAS Students’ Union who had cancelled the event.

The deputy Director of SOAS also came to speak to us and said he could do nothing to reinstate the event. He said he would investigate the situation on Monday.

Comments on various websites since Friday say that SOAS was misled by Anne Sono about the content of the film. Anne denies this saying she had provided details about the film on her website from the start.

The students Union website SOAS Rants denounces the film using words like “denialist”, “quackery”, and “ideas like this can kill people”. There was a threat to demonstrate outside the screening theatre if it was allowed to go ahead.

Anne and the panel consider that SOAS has denied freedom of speech to the women featured in her film and has succumbed to pressure from interested groups who support the current scientific orthodox position on AIDS, many of whom receive funds directly or indirectly from pharmaceutical companies producing HIV test kits and antiviral drugs.

‘I Won’t Go Quietly’, London premiere @ SOAS

I won’t go quietly

6 women, one diagnosis – HIV-positive, yet healthy

A film by Anne Sono

Followed by a panel discussion with Anne Sono, Joan Shenton (award-winning journalist) and Mike Hersee, co-founder of HEAL London

Friday April 25th, 2014 at 6 pm SOAS, School for Oriental and African Studies, Khalili Lecture Theatre, lower ground floor of Main College Building Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG Entrance: £5, press free

Information and booking details here.