Dissident AIDS conference in Spain

See this IRF post for details.


Hunger linked to testing HIV+ in South Africa

While this is certainly not news to dissenters, it’s interesting to see the mainstream pulled closer to the middle in the tug of war.

Avert has reported on a study in the South African Journal of Science which found that those who reported hunger had a higher risk of testing HIV-positive. Of course, no one with any grey matter would believe that malnutrition would help immunity.

The only evident facepalm is believing that food insecurity leads to reckless sexual behaviour. Because that’s clearly the first priority of hungry people. Or at least black Africans. Obviously.

Fear of the Light: How vitamin D science supports* HIV/AIDS scepticism [PowerPoint]

On the 16th of this month I appeared at Maison de la Pierre @ Vers Pont du Gard in Southern France to deliver my talk on vitamin D deficiency as a form of immunodeficiency.

You can now find the unedited PowerPoint presentation online here (the version presented featured a few less slides for brevity).

Video of my talk and those of others should be available shortly [update 21/6/18: videos are appearing on this YouTube playlist. There are more to come as of writing].

You can read my overview of the conference here.

Taking Vitamin D to France

During June 15-17 there will be a conference entitled Challenging Viral Paradigms taking place near Nimes in southern France.

I’m scheduled to appear to give a short talk on the related subject that I have yakked about a lot in writing. I had been pestered by a couple of people to verbalise it (‘put your ideas where your mouth is’!), though the chance to visit Pont du Gard was also enticing.

I feel now is actually quite an opportune time to talk about vitamin D’s role in immunity because there is growing talk within the mainstream about it, even though it should be clearly appropriated by AIDS dissenters. A decade ago you never saw ‘vitamin D’ and ‘HIV/AIDS’ in the same sentence.

I’m not a natural speaker but I’m being trained to give it my best. I apologise to anyone who attends if I fail but it is worth seeing if I can make my point to a new audience and arouse any discussion. I value the opportunity to make my ideas (it’s not ego, I just can’t find anybody else to attribute this to) more prominent.

I am unsure if there will be any videos of the event but I will share my PowerPoint file here shortly after it.

If you’re there and come across me don’t be afraid to say hi.