Positive Hell screening pulled

This post was meant to be posted on the IRF blog, but due to as-of-writing technical issues this will later be cross-referenced.

The April 17 screening of Positive Hell at the Shortwave Cinema as part of the London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) has been pulled due to pressure from a number of parties antagonistic towards the screening (who no doubt must have cottoned on from the press release and/or this and the IRF blog to act so quickly). LIFF was threatened with protests which understandably made the organisation nervous, but surely an independent film festival should honour the I in its title by not caving to pressure? Is it not better to allow people to protest outside the venue than cancel us?

Positive Hell has achieved nomination and selection at a few film festivals which is evidence that at least some see it as having merit.

To those who participated in the pulling of this film, if you by chance happen to be reading, do you not think it is patronising to theatregoers to stop them from seeing a scientific-argument film, one whose views they may already support, may not support or are neutral about? Is your argument that weak that you must silence than question us?

You haven’t ‘won’, you made us all lose.

[11/4/16: Joan Shenton has issued a press release]


Positive Hell screening @ LIFF

As part of this year’s London Independent Film Festival, two films by Andi Reiss will be screening at Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square, one of which is Positive Hell co-produced with Joan Shenton.

The event will take place at 9PM on Sunday 17th April (the nearest tube station is London Bridge).

The ticket purchasing link (first one above) will shortly be active.