Poison as prevention in Scotland

‘Scotland will become the first place in the UK to routinely offer Prep to eligible patients. … [Scottish Medicine Consortium]’s decision relates to its use on a preventative basis by people who do not have the virus.’ BBC News.

Had the SMC studied The Penrose Inquiry and pondered why more dried-blood-product haemophiliacs acquired HIV-positivity than those who had wet blood transfusions, the green light on nationally-funded poison would have been averted.


NHS England forced to fund slow genocide

Not only is the HIV theory of AIDS a colossal mistake, now NHS England is being forced to pay for treatment (PrEP) at the expense of treatments for 9 other conditions.

If HIV theory were true it would undoubtedly be more cost-effective to fund a new safer sex campaign, but as it’s not (the likely reason for the ‘failure’ of previous safe sex campaigns) it’s money down the toilet when the unique myriad causes of AIDS could be treated more precisely, cheaply, more safely and often not permanently.

Terry Michael prep’d for war on PrEP

“I just completed and greatly expanded my paper (which I sent in late May) on the toxic Gilead/Truvada/PrEP.  I trace how this fraud went from rigged clinical trials funded by Fauci; to approval by the FDA in a corrupt “user fee”-funded (by Gilead!) fast-tracked process, just in time for the 2012 IAS AIDSFest in Washington in July 2012;  to the CDC’s  compliant endorsement this May; and now is being promoted by a science-ignorant mass and gay media.

This is a subject on which we can make common cause even with many of the HIV=AIDS believers. So far, there seems to be little willingness by even HIV-AIDS orthodox physicians to prescribe Truvada for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.”  But the amazing Gilead p.r. machine buys support for the “balms of Gilead” with multi-million grants to HIV-AIDS Industry non-profits and NGOs. Any they have now succeeded in receiving the imprimaturs of three U.S. government agencies, Fauci’s NIAID, the FDA and the CDC.

I have spent two-and-one-half years researching PrEP and all this past summer working to produce the revised paper. I hope it can be given wide dissemination.

Best regards,
Terry Michael