HIV+ man apparently without AIDS gives AIDS immediately to infected partner

“It is also alleged Zaburoni never disclosed his HIV status despite his girlfriend falling seriously ill on two occasions during the relationship.” 9 News, Australia.

I assume that Zaburoni does not have AIDS since one of its defining illnesses would surely put a damper on amorousness, and it would explain why his girlfriend asked about his HIV status since it was not evident.

As HIV is said to have a latent period of a number of years even without medication, most presumably demonstrated by Zaburoni’s apparent fitness, it is strange that his girlfriend would fall seriously ill twice during the relationship. This was a very fast progression.
No mention was made of Zaburoni getting ill, and I’m confident that this would’ve been seized upon by the media were it the case.

18 April update: Zaburoni’s ex-partner (on ART) gave birth to a HIV- son. So did Christine Maggiore without ART. Zaburoni’s ex-partner has also been told not to breastfeed, yet exclusive breastfeeding lowers HIV infection risk