Seropositivity declaration for financial assistance

Some healthy people in Kamuli district are claiming to be HIV-positive so as to get money and goats from non governmental organisations.

When the majority of incoming money is shoved into the mouth of the AIDS monster, how else can one get a share of the pie than to walk into its cage?

Others register their children as orphans of HIV/Aids victims, to get sponsorship from charity organisations. This was announced on Monday by the National Forum for People Living with HIV Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU), Kamuli branch.

Registration of children of phantom AIDS victims will lead the parents to be assigned as ghosts; counted as part of AIDS death statistics. Yet, could one blame parents for this tactic if it results in a better life for their children? A rigged system deserves contempt.

“After learning that Plan [Uganda] was giving support to HIV victims,  [111 HIV-negative people] rushed to the health facility with fake HIV results from private clinics, got registered…,” said Judith Hatoho, the Kamuli NAFOPHANU coordinator.

Just when African statistics weren’t fudged enough by the Bangui definition, non-specific test kits and illogical death estimates, we have desperate people tarring themselves as HIV+ just to get help.

[Source: The Observer (Uganda)]


HIV- boy turns HIV+ after transfused blood from 3 HIV- donors

CHENNAI: KG Hospitals on Friday afternoon admitted that there was “some confusion” about how the 16-year-old boy from Ooty could test positive for HIV. They admitted that the boy had tested negative for the virus before his dialysis treatment in December, but tested positive for it in March. 

…The hospital claims they have clear records of the three people, whose blood was transfused into the boy, and tests to show that they were HIV negative. “We do not know how the virus entered the boy’s blood stream,” admitted the hospital’s chairman K G Bhakthavatchalam.

The boy had been treated by the hospital for more than three months for kidney failure. Both his kidneys had failed; he was undergoing dialysis and needed a transplant urgently.

How can the orthodoxy answer this without conjecture?

[Source: The Times of India]



Slow virologists, not slow viruses, confirmation

…to the great surprise of doctors, there are thousands of teenagers like Tadisa who have lived with HIV for more than a decade.

When Dr Rashida Ferrand wanted to research these young survivors, she was told none were still alive.

“Five years ago people would shake their heads in disbelief and say: ‘Well, no, nobody survives,'” said the HIV expert from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“Survival beyond five years is considered absolutely exceptional.”

No-one knows exactly why people like Tadisa survived childhood with untreated HIV.

None of this surprises Rethinkers.

“These children are more likely to be poor and to have lost their parents to Aids,” she said. “They’ve been shifted around amongst guardians and missed education, so the odds are stacked against them.”

Poverty, illness…

But children like Tadisa who survived unexpectedly have often gone untreated, and the complications of untreated HIV – such as damage to the lungs and heart – are debilitating.

Since when did heart disease become AIDS-defining? (answer: since ARVs!)

[Source: BBC News]