Vaccine boosts antibodies against intestinal dysbiosis or HIV?

[T]he vaccine stimulated antibodies that recognized HIV as well as microbes commonly found in the intestinal tract, part of the body’s microbiome.

…but these antibodies did not neutralize HIV.

If the antibodies created recognise the material expected to appear in intestinal dysbiosis, how do you know that those antibodies are actually for that and not ‘HIV’? Cross-reactive antibodies are not uncommon, but they should expectedly target what they’re intended for as well as other things.

In people with acute HIV infection, the majority of anti-HIV antibodies target gp41 but do not neutralize the virus. Prior research suggests that these naturally occurring antibodies likely originate from immune cells in the intestinal tract previously stimulated by the microbiome, leading to polyreactivity.

[Source: EurekAlert!]


Guilty until proven innocent of an impossible crime

The Guardian has an interesting recent article which, as ever, can be viewed from the lens of Rethinking. Here’s some quotes to consider:

…While a Missouri judge found Johnson guilty, the court actually never produced any evidence that he had any intent on exposing the his partner(s) to HIV, nor could they prove that the partners who testified against Johnson became positive due to sex with him.

…At his sentencing hearing in May, 30 videos of him engaging in sex were shown to the jury – many of which showed him engaging in behaviors where HIV transmission risk is low. The prosecution used these to get a harsh sentencing of Johnson. But while the videos do show him having sex, they do not necessarily prove that he didn’t disclose his status – Johnson testified he did with some partners.

Johnson is a gay black man, so the inference is that he’s likely to be doubly negligible.

…Ninety-two percent of new HIV infections occur from people who do not know their status or are not on treatment, according to a February 2015 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you get infections from alleged sources that turn out to be negative, then what?

…That is some messed up logic, especially when the judge literally threw Johnson’s life away on speculation: both about what he knew and when, and about how the disease will affect the lives of his former partners. Missouri HIV criminalization laws can be applied to cases involving sex, and to cases of spitting while positive – which is a virtually impossible way to acquire HIV. But who needs science?

Yes, who needs science?

…The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but it hasn’t bent nearly far enough for bodies that are black and queer.

If you’re a homosexual black man you’re not dissimilar to a woman who has to be thrown into the water to prove she is not a witch.

Malnutrition/AIDS reframed as HIV/AIDS

Hertfordshire Mercury has reported about a woman who lost her appetite following a head injury which resultantly impacted on her immune system. She came to test HIV+ so her malnutrition/AID was reframed as HIV/AID. (S has been omitted intentionally here as we don’t know if she presented any HIV/AIDS-defining illness)

The (likely black) woman was also told that she was lucky to have been diagnosed as she only had 3 months to live, despite feeling well when nourished and believing she acquired that status 10yrs before diagnosis. Furthermore, she attributes HIV to making her feel ‘sleepy and dozy’ rather than the medication she is undoubtedly on.

Can many HIV-positive results eventually be found false with further investigation?

”Over the course of a few weeks, I spiraled [sic] from a well-adjusted, sexual college woman into someone who was ready to take her own life over a disease she didn’t have”. Zoë Ligon, 23.

…Though Zoë’s ELISA indicated that there were antibodies in her system, the western blot did not. The PCR also showed that there was no HIV in her blood.

…a false-positive typically only occurs when a person has an autoimmune disease, rabies, or Hepatitis B, or if a woman is pregnant [emphasis added] – and none of those things applied to Zoë.

…While she was hugely relieved, Zoë’s ordeal was a wake-up call…



Ms Ligon was fortunate to have a doctor who investigated further when in most cases HIV+ is stamped once with a branding iron. But were she ‘certainly’ HIV+, she would be incorrectly treated for a benign marker or a marker of some other illness.

[Source: Daily Mail]